Weekend Adventure: Murcia, Spain

My entire trip to Spain basically revolved around eating. I visited my friend, Melissa, in the region of Murcia which is known as ‘the garden of Europe’. Many of the fruits and vegetables we buy here in the UK are grown in Murcia. So as you can imagine, the food there was amazing and everything was incredibly fresh. Also, because Murcia is near the coast, there was seafood aplenty. There was simply no end to the tasty food offerings of Spain. Continue reading “Weekend Adventure: Murcia, Spain”

The Brittains' Guide to Heidelberg, Germany

During college, George studied abroad in a smaller town in Germany called Heidelberg. He loved his time there and when I came to visit him, I really liked it too. So when a friend from George’s time at Heidelberg University said he was coming to Germany, we decided to meet up with him. Continue reading “The Brittains' Guide to Heidelberg, Germany”

Norway, Part II: Fjords

After leaving Bergen, we drove to our second hotel in Norheimsund on the Hardanger Fjord. We were so happy the hotel had a restaurant because nothing else was open and we were both hungry for dinner. The meal turned out to be the best of the entire trip. We ordered the reindeer fillet because, when are we ever going to get the chance to try reindeer again?  Continue reading “Norway, Part II: Fjords”

Norway, Part I: Bergen

This past weekend, because it was Easter, George had both Friday and Monday off from work. So we decided we wanted to go somewhere a little farther with our extra time! We chose Haugesund, Norway because it was the cheapest place to fly over the holiday weekend. I have always wanted to see the fjords and George was excited because it was something totally new.  Continue reading “Norway, Part I: Bergen”

The Lake District: Day 1

The English Lake District, also known as Lakeland, is a mountainous region in North West England and home to England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike. It also seems to be one of the Brits favorite weekend destinations and it is not hard to see why. Outside Scotland and Wales, it doesn’t get much better than this in terms of scenery and outdoor activities. Continue reading “The Lake District: Day 1”

Windsor Castle: A Day Trip

George and I took a break from traveling these past few weeks in order to plan some of our future trips! But we have been getting to know the area better and getting ideas for where we should go next. We are excited for our next weekend trip away to the Lake District, which is a national park in northern England. First though, we went somewhere that has been right under our nose this entire time: Windsor Castle. Continue reading “Windsor Castle: A Day Trip”