Norway: The Lofoten Islands

March has been a crazy month for me. And now I am realizing it will be over as of tomorrow! I had the opportunity to go on three very different but equally amazing trips, traveling back and forth across the Atlantic without much of a break. I can’t wait to share my pictures and stories from all three, but for now I’ll start with the first. George and I went to the Lofoten Islands in Norway at the beginning of the month in the hopes of seeing the Northern Lights. The Lofoten archipelago is above the Arctic Circle so I knew we had a good chance, but it is also super beautiful and I would not have been disappointed had we not seen the lights.

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Norway, Part II: Fjords

After leaving Bergen, we drove to our second hotel in Norheimsund on the Hardanger Fjord. We were so happy the hotel had a restaurant because nothing else was open and we were both hungry for dinner. The meal turned out to be the best of the entire trip. We ordered the reindeer fillet because, when are we ever going to get the chance to try reindeer again?  Continue reading “Norway, Part II: Fjords”

Norway, Part I: Bergen

This past weekend, because it was Easter, George had both Friday and Monday off from work. So we decided we wanted to go somewhere a little farther with our extra time! We chose Haugesund, Norway because it was the cheapest place to fly over the holiday weekend. I have always wanted to see the fjords and George was excited because it was something totally new.  Continue reading “Norway, Part I: Bergen”