Road Trip: Luxembourg & Germany

George and I have been traveling a lot lately. We went to Bruges, Belgium a couple weeks ago to celebrate his birthday and we just got home on Monday from his sister’s wedding in Chicago. But before we left for the States, we took a road trip to Luxembourg and Germany with a couple friends. We chose Luxembourg because it was the only place within driving distance that none of us had really been before. George spent about an hour there one summer, but everything was still pretty new to him.  Continue reading “Road Trip: Luxembourg & Germany”

The Brittains' Guide to Heidelberg, Germany

During college, George studied abroad in a smaller town in Germany called Heidelberg. He loved his time there and when I came to visit him, I really liked it too. So when a friend from George’s time at Heidelberg University said he was coming to Germany, we decided to meet up with him. Continue reading “The Brittains' Guide to Heidelberg, Germany”