Wales Weekend: Day 1

Wales is beautiful, but I do not understand the Welsh language at all. Where are your vowels, Wales? And ‘Y’ does not count. Dryslwyn is not a word and it makes no sense. While driving around this weekend, we came across so many towns with names like Bwlch and Aberystwyth. Really, though, I never knew Welsh was so different from English and I had no idea people actually speak the language. But anyway, our trip to Wales was super fun (if only slightly confusing) and it also happened to be Valentine’s Day, so it worked out well! Continue reading “Wales Weekend: Day 1”

A day out in London

London is a huge city and there is so much to explore, I feel we will never be bored living so close. On Saturday we spent the day there, shopping and going to museums. It was great because almost all of the museums are free. Also, we have all the time in the world to explore London, so we weren’t concerned with trying to squeeze everything into one day. I’m not even sure you could do London in one day. Continue reading “A day out in London”

Weekend Adventure: Bath, England

Now that we are finished setting up our new home (complete with internet, as of today), we’ve set out to explore as much as possible while we’re here. First place on the agenda: Bath, England. Bath is, like the name suggests, famous for its Roman baths and as far as English cities go, is more reminiscent of a European city like Paris or Rome…only smaller. George and I both decided it is our favorite place we’ve been in England, so far. Continue reading “Weekend Adventure: Bath, England”