Carreg Cennen Castle & Tintern Abbey

These two stops were the last on an extended weekend roadtrip with my (George’s) parents. Other stops included Lyme Regis, Bath and our personal favorite, the Pembrokeshire Coast. The narrow roads that connect the Welsh countryside moonlight as a sheep safari path. February in the Brecon Beacons was exactly as it should be: damp and foggy.

Weekend Adventure: North Wales

For the past couple of weeks, two of my cousins from Michigan have been staying with us at our flat. They arrived 2 days after George and I got home from the U.S. and have been with us since the new year. During the week they have been exploring on their own, however, some of the best places in the UK can’t really be reached by public transportation. So, over the weekend we thought it would be fun to take them to one of our favorite places: Wales. Continue reading “Weekend Adventure: North Wales”

Wales Weekend: Day 1

Wales is beautiful, but I do not understand the Welsh language at all. Where are your vowels, Wales? And ‘Y’ does not count. Dryslwyn is not a word and it makes no sense. While driving around this weekend, we came across so many towns with names like Bwlch and Aberystwyth. Really, though, I never knew Welsh was so different from English and I had no idea people actually speak the language. But anyway, our trip to Wales was super fun (if only slightly confusing) and it also happened to be Valentine’s Day, so it worked out well! Continue reading “Wales Weekend: Day 1”