Scotland: The Isle of Skye

I know I am super late sharing these photos from our adventures in Scotland, but I am still just as excited looking through them now as I was when we first got back. It only makes me wish we could be up there now!

Over Easter weekend here in the UK, we actually get both the Friday and Monday off, which George and I translate into, “we need to go somewhere!” The only problem is that everyone else was apparently thinking the same thing, so flights to Europe were pretty much out of the question. I suggested camping on the Isle of Skye and George agreed!

If I wasn’t already convinced that Scotland was the best, our visit to the Isle of Skye would have placed it squarely at the top of my list of favorite places. While we were there, it was slightly more crowded than we expected, but by crowded I mean there were actually other cars on the road and people in the pubs.


2 thoughts on “Scotland: The Isle of Skye

  1. Just beautiful, all of it is just so beautiful.I would have had a hard time leaving there. Wool from there is pretty amazing fiber too. The people know what they are making. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful pictures and message.


    1. Thank you Cindy! If you are ever in need of some British wool, I’d be happy to get you some. 😊


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