Northern Ireland: Day 2 Giant’s Causeway

The ferry back from Rathlin Island dropped us off in Balleycastle. We hopped into our rental car and drove to the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. The weather was warm and sunny, so there was a 20 minute wait to cross the “rope” bridge. Please note: It’s a wire (metal) rope. It costs about £6 and it is fun when you’re in the middle of the bridge, but with so many people and two attendants hurrying you along it isn’t that thrilling. Giants Causeway was the reason that Tommy wanted to visit Northern Ireland, and it did not disappoint. Although there were a lot of people we still had a great time. I think there is a way to walk there for free, but we paid and if there was a free option I would have gladly not paid. Tommy walked out far on the causeway until a rouge wave poured into his shoes. Somehow I deleted the video of it…sorry. Also there are life guard/park ranger people all over the causeway making sure people stay away from the water and don’t get hurt (people like Tommy). We spent several hours on the rocks and paths. From there we drove to Portrush for our next B&B.


Portrush was busy with holiday makers and there were plenty of options for dinner. It began to rain so we hung out at Barry’s indulging in Skiball, arcade games, and gambling machines made for children until it closed. Barry’s is known as the coney island of Northern Ireland.



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