First Impressions

After sleeping in until 11 AM and not being able to fall asleep until 6 AM for the past 2 days, I finally feel I am on a better sleeping schedule and am adjusting to being somewhere new. However, I still don’t feel I have fully grasped the idea that we now live here. It all feels very much like a vacation. Anyway, the first thing on our to do list is to find an apartment. I would love to find one before Christmas, but I’m not sure that will happen. Nevertheless, we are excited to spend our first Christmas alone together! We have also decided to spend some time in Scotland over the holiday and we leave just after Christmas. I cannot believe I am finally going to see Scotland! Even though I have traveled all over Europe, I had never been to the UK until now, and it has always been my dream to see Scotland. I am not sure exactly why…it just seems so beautiful to me.

More on that in the next post. But before we leave to view some apartments, I thought I would leave you with a few first impressions!

Some observations:

1. Mushy peas, although they sound ridiculous and gross, are actually tasty.

2.  Driving on the left side of the road is crazy scary. Also, what’s with all the roundabouts?

3.  Sheets over the furniture. Is this a normal British thing? Or do they just need some help with decorating?

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