Niagara Falls

For the past few months, while George has been training for his job in England, we have been living in a small town in the middle of Michigan. Because there is not much to do for entertainment around here, we decided to take one last trip before leaving the country. When he was younger, George’s family often went to Niagara Falls on vacation, but I had never been. So on a recent trip to New York to visit relatives, we stopped there along the way. 

The falls themselves were beautiful and truly worth the trip to see them. Everything was misty and cloudy, but incredibly green and alive feeling at the same time. We must have chosen the perfect weekend to see the fall colors because all the trees seemed to be at their peak for leaf viewing. The only drawback is how touristy the area is around the falls. Maybe that is what some people prefer, but I thought it detracted from the natural beauty of the falls, just a little.

We only had enough time for one activity, and while I have always wanted to ride the Maid of the Mist, I was told it wasn’t that great. Therefore, we chose to do the Whirlpool Aero Car and it was super fun! It was a rainy day, but the view was still amazing. It’s too bad there isn’t a cable car over the actual falls, but the whirlpools formed at this point in the river are lovely to see from above.

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