A Landmark Trust Stay in Cornwall

About this time last year, George and I stayed in our first Landmark Trust property on the coast in Cornwall. In the summer, most of the properties are completely out of our budget, but they really lower the prices in winter making it an ideal time for us to visit. Check out their website to learn more about the charity that rescues historic buildings and to book your stay in one!



Ford Cottage | While staying in any Landmark property is fun and worthwhile, I love it even more when we can stay in a really great place near fun things to do. That’s one of the reasons Ford Cottage is so good: it’s on the coast, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for walking, but also very close to attractions like Clovelly and Tintagel Castle.

We loved all the little details that made our stay so special. Fresh flowers in every room, tea set out upon arrival, plenty of firewood available and the most amazing towels I’ve ever used on a holiday. I found it so refreshing not to have wifi or phone signal to focus on spending time together, making meals, sitting in front of the fire. It was really nice to have a true break from the world!




Duckpool Bay | Just a short walk or drive from the cottage, we found this interesting bay–perfect for watching the sun set and the tide come in. But with so many jagged rocks and dangerous looking currents, it’s definitely not for swimming.

Clovelly | After spending Friday evening in our cosy cottage, we set out Saturday morning to explore the small fishing village of Clovelly (about a 25 minute drive) and found it delightfully empty of tourists. We almost had the entire village to ourselves, which was a bit weird but also fun. There isn’t much going on in winter, but we did manage to visit the Fisherman’s Cottage museum and walked out to the waterfall on the beach. The whole village was picturesque, but I imagine it’s even more so in summer.



Pattard Kitchen | On our way back to the cottage that afternoon, we stopped for dinner at a place I heard about and researched beforehand. I wasn’t feeling in the mood to take photos when we ate here, but I really should have because the food was amazing. The atmosphere was more modern than traditional pub-like, but regardless, the reason to visit is the michelin star quality food!




Tintagel Castle | From the Legend of King Arthur to Tristan and Isolde, this castle is associated with some of England’s most famous and mysterious stories. Historically, it was a prosperous and important trade center from about 450 AD with some periods of abandonment until the late middle ages when it was completely deserted. Either way, the atmosphere of this place is pretty magical. This was by far my favorite castle we visited in England!

Merlin’s Cave | The cave above is rumored to be Merlin’s Cave, so I definitely recommend going all the way down to the beach to check it out.

After leaving the windy clifftops of the castle, we went into the small village to explore some of its sights including this medieval manor house turned post office.

We picked up a few supplies to make dinner for ourselves in the cottage and debated spending one more night (the minimum booking for Landmarks is three nights) even though George needed to be back for work in the morning. We eventually decided just to get the drive over with on Sunday night and said goodbye to our little cottage. But we were so inspired by the trip that we made a point from then on to first check for available Landmark properties when planning a trip.


Some things we didn’t get to on this trip, but are all very close to Ford Cottage.

Blackchurch Rock | You could actually walk to this interesting rock formation from Clovelly, if you were feeling up to it! It’s about 2 miles down the coast.

Speke’s Mill Mouth | Also located near Clovelly in Devon, this is just a nice waterfall and walk along the South West Coast Path.

St. Nectans Glen | A pretty spectacular looking waterfall that I really wanted to visit but decided we didn’t have the time. It seems to have a kind of weird atmosphere as whoever owns the land allows guests to hang ribbons and fairy shrines in the trees around. A bit of a shame, but it does still look amazing.

Independent Charters | Lastly, if you are visiting for more than a couple days, definitely make your way out to Lundy Island. Although there are easier and cheaper ways to get there, one fun option is to charter a private boat from Clovelly and have them take you seal spotting or snorkeling. Check out our post about Lundy here.

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