Understanding Money

How much does it cost to live in the UK?

Here is the simplest way to understand the difference in cost of living between the USA and the UK. If something costs $10 in the United States, then it will cost £10 in the UK. If you are from the US it is as easy as that. If you are not from the USA, keep reading and we’ll try to explain living in GBP (Great Brittain Pounds).

UK Cost of living

The cost of living of living in the UK can be difficult to understand. To give you a better idea of what prices are like and what your salary needs to be to maintain your lifestyle, try this cost of living index. It should shock you into understanding the lay of the land–financially speaking. This salary calculator can give you an idea of your purchasing power in cities like London. BBC Business put together this where can I afford to live calculator map of the UK. Remember, London is the most expensive city in the world, so be careful about where you live. The Money Advice Service has a great website to help you manage your money and calculate things such as how much rent you can afford and provide useful tools like a budget planner

This is a great guide for international students to discover how much they need to make and how much they will spend on education and living expenses during a year of study. George studied abroad for a semester and had an amazing time. He also returned home broke. Planning and fiscal responsibility need to be taken into account when living in a different currency.

Note: some websites (like salaryexpectation.com or xpatulator.com) want to you pay $50 for a report about the cost of living in other cities of the world. This is NOT recommended because information can be easily found for free using the links above or at expat communities/forums such as UK-Yankee or Internations.